Characters in the Gorgonite Squad!

Hey guys, in this blog I will be presenting all of the Gorgonite characters. Each of them promotes versatility and strategy. More than one of each may be used in the squad and their “read-about’s” are accessed through the toy box during play. I will not be talking about the Commando Elite. They consist of about the exact same units’ statistics but are human and have more ranged attacks.

The toys are showed in comical store packaging with their descriptions and statistics. The statistics are leveled from one to ten and specify the units speed, vision, attack range, attack power, and health. Archer, the leader is by far the most well rounded. His speed is eight and everything else seven. He can be used for scouting, supporting, and attacking with his bow and arrow. The best scout is Ocula because he is the fastest and has the best vision and range. He lacks in attack and health so, in combat his spit-fire is only used for ranged support. He is the only character who speaks some sort of squeaky Gorgonite and looks outright alien. Slamfist on the other hand is the heaviest hitter with a ten rating. As his name says, his hands smash with brute force. The reason why is, one arm does not even have a hand, it is a boulder! He is a big and slow fellow with a hunched back and shy personality. His commentary during gameplay is passive/ nervous but humorous. The armor of the squad is Punchit. He is a tall purple rhinoceros-looking beast with the highest health and an attack rivaling Slamfist’s. He is very good for sending in first to act as walking barracks to protect the heavy hitters close behind. Insaniac is the wild one of the bunch. He is an insane lanky purple freak. He runs around throwing flails saying the most hyper phrases. He has messy hair, long arms, bulging eyes, and a full yellow grin that goes from ear to ear. He lacks good vision but is suited for ranged attack on the flanks. The other flanker is Freakenstein. He is a close quarters fighter and who is much faster but weaker than the other two. Like his name says, he is an entire combination of creatures: some metal, some human, and some humanoid. He has a club for an arm and horn for a voice box. His speed and fair attack is good for sending around the flanks after Punchit and Slamfist have been sent in.

Personally I like to equip heavy hitters with less range. I do not use the flankers so, for a full squad I issue two Punchits’, two Slamfists’, Ocula and Archer. I scout with Ocula, send in the Slamfists’ right behind the Punchits’ and harass with the ranged attacks. It is a devastating combination because I can make a visual on enemy forces and tank my way into their holdout.

From left to right: Insaniac, Archer, Slamfist, Ocula, Freakenstain, Punchit.

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2 Responses to “Characters in the Gorgonite Squad!”

  1. John says:

    Thanks a lot, but I’m not interested in buying figures. John

  2. paul Laird says:

    ive got a “FREAKENSTIEN”(loose) for sale.please contact.